Google Nest Audio - Buy 1 Get 1 PROMO - FREE Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio - Buy 1 Get 1 PROMO - FREE Google Nest Audio

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$65.00 AUD

Buy 1 Get 1 PROMO - Google Nest Audio Bundle - FREE Google Nest Audio

    This speaker helps around the home, and produces amazing, rich sound that fills a room – adapting to the music you’re listening to and the environment you’re in for the best audio experience whether it’s jazz, rap or a news podcast.

    • Plays music and audio from popular streaming apps
    • Tuning software for clear crisp vocals and powerful bass
    • Just say ‘Hey Google…’ for voice control
    • Adjust your smart lights, control your smart thermostat and more!
    • Works with Spotify, YouTube, Calendar, TuneIn, Nest and more
    • Built-in privacy lets you turn off mic and delete history
    • Pair 2 Nest speakers for stereo sound
    • Ask Google to set timers, read your schedule, tell the weather and more
    • Add Nest Aware subscription for security alerts while you’re away
    • Enclosure made from 70% recycled plastic

    Turn your home into a house of the future with the Google Nest Audio (Chalk) – AU Model that boasts impeccable sound quality and all the features you’d expect from a Google Home device, and much more!

    Immersive sound

    First and foremost, the Nest Audio is built for music and features a premium woofer, tweeter and tuning software that produces crisp, clear vocals and powerful bass. It intelligently adapts to the environment you’re in and the audio it’s playing for impeccable and immersive sound quality.

    Smart home control

    Adjust your lights, turn on your TV, change your thermostat setting and connect all your smart devices to Google Home and control them with your voice, simply by saying ‘Hey Google’ before your request.

    Just ask Google

    Set timers, have your schedule read to you, hear the news and search for almost anything with a simple voice command. Nest Audio is your personal assistant, bringing the wonders of modern technology into your home.

    Privacy and security

    Delete your history by saying ‘Hey Google, delete what I just said’ and turn off the mic using the switch. Add a Nest Aware subscription and have security alerts sent to your phone when unusual sounds, such as a dog barking or person talking, occur while you’re away.